How do you drive?

Prior to a release of a new winter tire, Yokohama Canada wanted a redesign of their existing website with more user-centered interactions for connecting drivers and tires. The result was a multi-platformed system that finds unique driving traits to introduce tailored tire results.

How do we find the unique driver and apply tailored results to their product finding experience?

We started from the hypothesis that inexperienced drivers/tire finders are unfamiliar with how driving styles can affect their choice in tires. Therefore, when users entered the Yokohama site, we wanted to not only allow them to search from the model of their car, but also through driving style and common geographic based road traits (i.e wet and temperate, always snowing, sunny and dry).

What conditions will you be driving in? What are the top 3 qualities you’re looking for in a tire? What kind of car do you drive?

One of the main opportunities in this project was to allow users and tire buyers to familiarize tire qualities and their abilities to perform under different conditions. We wanted to create a humanistic approach to introduce what tire does what and how they differ to work better for the unique user.

Yokohama Wireframes

The wireframes helped develop of hierarchy of information and thus gained a perspective of how users would interact. The layout of text and graphical information was essential to properly show different sets of information portrayed by the different functional elements of the site.

Yokohama Responsive

One of the new opportunities of the Yokohama site was the introduction of responsive design. We saw through the analysis of the previous existing system that there was a significant number of mobile users entering the site and wanted to develop a quick access of information for them.

iG52 Parallax
iG52 Parallax

The conquer winter with IG52 winter tires page is a microsite that introduces the new line of winter tires created by Yokohama. This microsite is a parallax experience that illustrates the innovation and performance of the winter tire. Our goal was to familiarize users with the performance abilities of this tire and also showcase the new innovations crafted by Yokohama.

Using cross sections and animated movements of tires, we wanted to create a visually impressive microsite that would give a memorable experience to our audience. In collaboration with Yokohama artists and videographers for this campaign, we were able to create a multi-media experience to showcase the different aspects of this tire.

Winter Conquest Contest

The Conquer Winter Conquest campaign is a facebook exclusive campaign created to promote the launch of Yokohama’s new tire. This contest documented a rally car being sent across Canada with Yokohama’s winter tires and stopped at various places to uncover new prizes for users to win.

1 newly released winter tire

4 provinces

over 3,680 km driven

4 getaways



Identifying goals and focus with stakeholders early is necessary for an unobtrusive process. But even when things are being developed, change is imminent. Knowing how to respond to change and not conforming to client needs because of time constraint and scheduled milestones is an essential skill for any designer.

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