Solar Hydration Pack

Backpack water station for farm workers


Utilita Manifesta

Solar water disinfection is an exceptionally sustainable and effective way to kill germs and harmful bacteria in water. Using this method, the Solar Hydration Pack allows workers in developing countries to carry and disinfect water wherever they go as they work.

  • How it works
    Fill bottle with water from water supply, or collected from rain-water. Place bottles on backpack by sliding onto hindge
  • How it works
    Place bottles on backpack by sliding onto hindge
  • How it works
    While carrying the backpack, the water gets solar disinfected throughout the day
  • How it works
    Can be placed on the ground

The idea is to create a portable backpack system that allows users to collect, store and disinfect water wherever they go. Our aim is to create a personalized water system for individuals so clean water sources can be more readily available.

Users are able to wear the hydration pack when traveling, allowing them to hold water bottles on the outer structure of the backpack for solar disinfection. When users stop at an established point, they can set the backpack down to disinfect the water in the sun. At times of rain, the hydration pack can be used to collect rainwater by having rainwater slide into the water bottles. The backpack is made with readily available materials in many third world countries such as metal roof shingles and wood frames. The bottles are made from common PET plastics that allow solar rays to penetrate the bottle and disinfect the water.


Solar hydration pack was showcased in the Salone Del Mobile design show as a social design project. This project allowed me to understand personas and journey frameworks in the context of product design. Being able to visualize and empathize the needs of farm workers in lack of water sources was a valuable and insightful skill to gain.

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