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Italia design is a collection of research, interviews, and experiences related to the topic of italian design and innovation. Italia design has interviewed more than 90 architects, designers, artisans, and manufacturers in the past seven years. The collection of works is separated in different years where each year explores a new topic.

With influences to Italian culture in craftsmanship and quality in design, our journey sent us across Italy searching for the secrets of crafting meaningful and innovative designs. Our study began with the study of innovation in the historical growth of Italian culture and how it has shaped its modern day thinking in creating new products, architectures, and technology.

Guilio Iachetti, Industrial Design.
Guilio Iachetti, Industrial Design.

Watching designers introduce their projects, seeing the way they touch their prototypes and explain their emotional journey to creating their project is an experience that inspires and teaches us the value of meaningful design.

We interviewed designers of multi-disciplinary fields across Italy. The product of these interviews was to discuss the emotion embedded in the fabric of each product and their interpretation of creating meaningful design. We created a website to archive these interviews and allowed users to engage with our research.

Our goal was to find the layers of meaning behind crafting an object, designing a building, to even cooking a meal.

Emotion in Material is a documentary on the construction of meaningful beauty in Italy. It showcases interviews with designers, architects and artisans that define the rich culture of beauty in materials made in Italy. Through this documentary, we wanted to show the how the cultural influences in Italy whether in natural Tuscany, or the design capital of Milan, has influenced each designer, artisan and architect.

12 students

70 research studies

12 interviews

10 terabytes of information

1 documentary


Going to Italy for this field study was one of the most important experiences of my life. Meeting designers of different fields gave me insight on the commonality that all designers share; the emotional and insightful journey that is the process. In the end, the meaning of design is defined by the journey you take, the project you do, and how much emotion is put into it.

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