Indoor Hydroponics for small spaces


James Dyson Award

GardenBlock is a hydroponic system that allows gardeners to grow vegetation within small living spaces.

When one block is connected to a power source, other blocks connected to the heads of the block will transfer the energy to power the other units. Each block has their own water source and a set of grow lights. Users are able to control the water amount and artificial lighting remotely so they can grow a diverse range of plants.

As urban living spaces and modern infrastructure dominate cities, garden space and local produce are becoming more scarce.

Living Space Living Space

GardenBlock is a hydroponic system is the shape of a building block that allows gardeners to grow vegetation within small living spaces. The shape of Gardenblock allows users to customize their own configuration within their homes and efficiently grow a diverse range of vegetation through automation.

Inspired by new techniques in hydroponics and vertical farming, GardenBlock addresses the limitations of home gardening and provides numerous natural benefits to households. Plants filter the toxins from manufactured products that exist in our homes. Local produce helps reduce pollution coming from the transportation of non-local foods. Growing plants and vegetation improves the quality of food, air, and urban spaces in modern cities.

How Garden Block Works

Inspired by building blocks, connecting each block provides both functional and creative beauty. The structure of the building blocks allow users to playfully configure any shape that is unique to their spatial needs. The application used to control GardenBlock’s LED lighting system and water pumps also allow a visual representation of growth progression through graphics of growing trends and tips to help grow more efficiently.


GardenBlock was a project we wanted to integrate product design and interaction design through digital systems. The result was a successful project showcased on the James Dyson Award 2012. The most valuable skill gained was the ability to visualize and communicate our idea through a series of research and storyboarding.

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