Finding the rental experience is a functional property rental website. It features properties across Canada and listings from multiple cities. The purpose of this project is to create a property finding website that allows users and realty agents to book viewings and rentals through a user to business system.

Broadstreet Properties wanted to create a new website that features their cross-Canada properties more thoroughly through geographic features, hierarchical property listings, and a newer modern layout for property features and images.

Broadstreet Wireframes

The goal was to create a property rental system that users can use to connect with realty agents and Broadstreet staff. By having a simple booking function and an automated backend system that sets up calendar schedules, users are able to easily find their property of choice and book a live viewing with a property agent.

How the booking system works

Broadstreet Properties was optimized for mobile to allow users to find, view, and book properties from any device anywhere. This caused a redesign of a simpler form system that allowed mobile users to apply for bookings without having to fill in numerous forms.

Broadstreet Property Page Mobile
Broadstreet Property Page Mobile
Broadstreet Property Page Mobile
Booking System

Through our analytic studies of the previous existing system as well as other competitor property finding systems, we found that users were more likely to look in depth into a property when they could find a property of their needs within 3 page clicks. We implemented a simple search system that provided users to find properties easily and still be able to see important property features at one glance.


There were many features that were planned into the Broadstreet system. Although many of these features were functional and interactive, some of these features were cut in production. The goal was to help users find and book properties, other functions and features inconsistent to the system may overwhelm the essential focus of this project. Setting a focus early and sticking to the main purpose of the project is needed for every project.

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